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9july to 13july 2018 ViP Results (2nd week)

2nd week

📌 9july to 13july 2k18 📌 ViP EUR/USD. 45pips🔵✅✅✅ GBP/USD. –55pips😡😡 AUD/USD. 50pips🔵✅✅✅✅ USD/JPY. 36pips🔵✅✅ EUR/CAD. 73pips🔵✅✅✅ EUR/AUD. 40pips🔵✅✅ USD/CAD. 50pips🔵✅✅✅✅ CAD/JPY. 42pips🔵✅✅✅ USD/CHF. –80pips😡😡 GBP/JPY. 40pips🔵✅✅ EUR/JPY. 40pips🔵✅✅✅ AUD/JPY. 42pips🔵✅✅✅✅ in 2nd week of july 2018 we earn 323 Green pips✅✅ in vip and only 2 sl Hit Running ...

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